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Spreading creativity and happiness through laser magic

The story of Barkwood Co is an interesting one, so strap in and let's get started!

Shop co-founder and owner, Rachal, started a very small t-shirt company in 2010 called Threadish. At the time, Rachal was fostering kittens for a local SPCA chapter and was using photoshop to turn the little kitties into characters. In high school and very much into graphic t-shirts, she started making unique tees and selling them on Etsy. 


Along with selling vintage Christmas sweaters and custom wand display cases, Threadish continued making new t-shirt designs until 2016, when it took a leap of faith and made a big investment on a CO2 Laser Cutting and Engraving machine. It was the best decision Threadish ever made. A new adventure, meant a new name was needed. Barkwood Co was born.


Being an animal person, it was only natural for Rachal to specialize in custom wooden pet ID tags. Barkwood Co offers multiple wood types, and sizes to fit your pet just right. Many of the tag designs offered are hand-painted and all are sealed with 5 layers of an acrylic clear coat. Tested by Rachal's pets and hundreds of customers, the durability of these tags is no joke. The unique beauty of each wooden tag make them one of a kind. 


Human name tags and unique laser engraved gifts are also available in the Barkwood shop. Contact the shop for custom orders or ideas.

Funny Dog Tags
Custom Cat Tags
Threadish employees
Custom Tshirts

Another passion that everyone at Barkwood Co shares is supporting local animal shelters. Threadish founders Rachal and Karan have fostered hundreds of kittens and cats over the years and some have even joined the Threadish family permanently. 


"As we continue to support local animal shelters with time, donations and awareness, we highly encourage you to volunteer as well. Whether it is time or financial support, your local animal shelter and Threadish will be grateful for any and all contributions to your community!" - Rachal

Custom Cat Tags
Some of our Threadish employees

May the Force be with you...

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